Aweseome Software! Watt smoothing, air resistance modeling

First I’m seriously enjoying Zwift!

I’m using a KK trainer and my watt measurement bounces around alot at very smooth efforts. I’ve never used a real power meter so maybe that’s just natural, but since this is all software emulated it would be nice for some smoothing to be built into the power algorithm.

I’m not sure if I believe the drafting is spot on yet. I have a very difficult time drafting other riders. My avatar is constantly pulling out to pass then ducking back in. If I try to back off and stay behind them I end up falling out of the draft and getting the “close the gap” meter. I can tell a difference in the power I’m putting out when I get into a draft but I don’t think it’s spot on with reality yet.

Loving the game and looking forward to more content and courses! Great idea!

Hi Matt, thanks for sharing.

Re #1, The “noise” on the power reading is pretty similar to using an actual power meter. Often to combat this in the real world users will set their garmin to display the 3 second average rather than instantaneous value. We have this feature on the todo list.

Re #2, The drafting does take a bit of practice, but we have the concept of a “draft lock”. There is a sweet spot to stay in, and you might be trying to ride a bit too close to a riders back wheel, causing you to fall out of the draft zone. While in that zone we “help” you stay in there a bit. I think you’re right in that it’s not “spot on” yet, but I do think we’re getting close relative to where we were months ago. As with anything, practice will help here.

The 2nd course is in the works… :slight_smile:

I also have a KK.
The power still bounces within a smaller range since last update (30-01)
And it is more accurate since using an USB cable to get the ant+ stick closer to the ant+ sensor.