Power / KK

Power is all over the place . Something has changed since last update . I recall reading a post a few days ago someone stating on KK road machine easier for faster more mileage covered than Wahoo KIckr . It now is more difficult to achieve higher speeds on KK road machine . I have been using KK with TrainerRoad and power is consistent with the tire pressure and amount of turns I use for tire contact. If in fact something has changed you should make an adjustment back up to somewhere between where it is now and where it was before.

Went from avg 18 + mph to 15+ . From last Tuesday till today . ugh
I see no lag in graphics , wondering if fps dropped could have an affect Cannot compare oranges to apples have no idea what gear people are pushing at 85 rpm’s but when I click on other riders my rpm , HR . = theirs My power almost 1/2 theirs . Ugh

Also found similar today,. Keeping a constant RPM at power was fluctuating a fair amount from about 130W to 200W, garmin indicated constant speed and rpm.

Also found that the effort I am having to put in to just keep up with anyone on the course is very high compared to what it was, could barely hold wheels of any rider, which is pretty much the opposite of what it was last week where I could happily follow riders and enjoy some group riding.

First ride with the new version today. Also found the Zpower for KK to be completely different than my first 5 rides. Now ZPower is consistently lower than Trainer Road power or SportTracks calculated power, where as previous to the update, ZPower was always higher.

I am having the same issue. Powermeter is at Saris for a rebuild so I am using vPower for now. I am seeing swings of 70 to 80 watts. Cadence and speed seem to stay constant. However, my cadence is constantly reading 2-3 rpm lower on Zwift than on my Garmin unit.

Like you on trainer road my virtual power is always constant and has been for over a year.