Feature request: FTP test specific world and HUD

For FTP tests, be it ramp test or otherwise, I would like to have a custom world available that is only available when you do a FTP test.
No other riders present, no screen clutter with the HUD - meaning I don’t need to see who else is riding or the world mini-map. The HUD should be in the corner with current speed, watts, HR, etc. No level or XP displayed. No graph, nothing else.
I would love for the world to be specific to FTP testing where its a gradual climb that maybe gently winds through some trees. Never ends.
I would also love for a predictive FTP function that shows what my FTP will be based on how the rider’s average power through the first 10 minutes or so. I’m sure there is a good algorithm for this.
I also despise the fading edges of the screen when nearing completion. I’m already cross-eyed, I don’t need a simulation of that as well. It is very distracting and hard to tell where the finish line is.

The fading edges this can be turned off in your settings - Workout Pain Effect. I agree, it’s very annoying.
On your main request, love it, and I’d like such a world to exist for all workouts. Procedurally generated to match the workout, either up a hill through some trees as per your suggestion, or using the same graphics style as the climb portal.
Optional of course, plenty of people are happy doing their workouts and tests on existing routes.

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Thanks for the tip regarding turning off the annoying fading edges.
I love your idea of using something similar to the climb portal. Set the gradient default to 2% and let the rider have at it. It can be adjusted in the app if needed.
I would like gates every 1k to allow the rider to see average power, etc and have a overall average power at the bottom.

For me I enjoy having other riders on the screen when doing an FTP test. I get more ride-ons which is always nice, but also during an FTP test you’re usually going pretty hard and pass a lot of people, so you can focus on whoever is the next to be passed and use that to help distract from the pain of the test.

I can see how someone might not want any distractions at all.

Start a club. Schedule an event or workout. Don’t invite anyone.