F10 stops working

After a few screenshots, the F10 key stops working.

It will only work 20 times but carry on working on the mobile app. Its to do with only showing 20 shots max when you save the ride / event (HUD or clean versions). Its silly but we seem stuck with it.

Ok, thank you.

Hey, Zwift, can we have this limit removed? I’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of space on my PC, plenty to store as many images as I want to take.

what in the world do you guys do with all these screen shots? :man_shrugging:



I discard many of them. But you know, getting just the right shot can take time especially when other riders get in the way. =)


FYI, This bug (“clean” images not being taken) has been around for about 3 years now (maybe more…) It is definitely not a feature.

On the other hand, other images seem to be taken without a problem.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. The clean images aren’t anything to do with the F10 limit as far as I know.

And once the limit is hit I get no more images, clean or otherwise.

You are missing something. You’re missing the part where I said I get no more images when pressing F10. No more clean ones. No more UI ones.

Just did a short ride…

  • 20 “clean” images taken using F10
  • 21 with HUD (using F10)

Of course, I hit F10 more than that number… which is probably the reason I switched to taking images using the Companion App a long time ago - which, although not taking more than 20 “clean” images, does take as many HUD images are one likes.

So, it is exactly how you (and Steve…) described it (I guess apologies are due…)