Extra resistance while pedalling

Hello. I have a question about the power/resistance of the trainer. Maybe someone here can clarify this to me. My wahoo kickr core seems to be putting extra resistance while I’m pedalling… I feel that no matter the gear i’m using. I tried the wahoo trainer app and it was even worse. I chose an exercise, no power set, and the resistance increased so much after 10 seconds that I couldnt pedal anymore as it gets blocked. Tried it a few times with even with higher cadence…and still happened. On zwift I can pedal but I just feel extra resistance like it is showing 150/160 watts and it feels 200watts very different than what it was before I updated the firmware. Now I also cant go back to the old firmware( it asks for a password that I dont know…very nice). Yesterday I tried to pedal with the trainer turned OFF and I went from lighter to heavier gears and I was feeling everything ok like riding outside on a lighter or heavier gear but as soon as I turned ON the trainer the resistance increased like I was already on a 1% or 2% incline. My question is if between pedalling with the trainer Off and ON should have a so perceptible resistance difference? Isn’t it supposed that the trainer when it is ON should offer resistance of a plan surface unless I am on zwift with all the inclines etc or if I set the power to a certain value? With the trainer OFF i feel that is more like riding in a plan surface outside where I generate my power (no significant force against or in my favor). When I turn the trainer ON i immediately feel some force “against”. I dont know if this should happen.
At same time im sure that on the trainer app I should be able to pedal and not get blocked after 10 or 15 seconds, so that is clearly a problem…
If someone could give me an opinion it would be very nice.


Have you tried recalibrating the trainer since doing the firmware update, if you continue to have a problem try contacting wahoo support

Hello. Yes I calibrated again… but nothing changed. I also contacted Wahoo. Still waiting for an answer.

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Are you sure that you don’t have Erg mode switched?

No. I just tried again now and checked. Erg mode is off. In this case when I start a free power exercise in the wahoo app I start to pedal, I reach 80, 85 rpm which is not low and the watts increase to 200/220 but suddenly it gets more and more difficult to pedal until it blocks… all that maybe in 15 seconds.

If I pedal with the trainer ON but not in an exercise I feel like I’m pedalling with some little force against or maybe a incline 1% all the time.

However pedalling with the trainer OFF is what seems more like pedalling on a 0% surface. I dont feel forces against me or in my favor and after noticing this difference yesterday I just wonder now if it is just a normal thing that by turning ON the trainer it offers immediately a little extra resistance…compared to the trainer OFF.

EDIT: Admin removed personal information