Export ride to MapMyRide

I track all of my bike rides and workouts on MapMyRide.  It would be great if the ride details could be sent to MapMyRide at the end of a Zwift ride.

I do the same thing. It would be nice if Zwift linked to MapMyFitness like my Wahoo fitness app does. Then I could have all my workout info in one place. Especially since I pay for MapMyRide yearly.

Please link to mapmyride, I use it more than Strava

Hey guys - we’d like to do this too! You could help us along by making a little noise over at MapMyRide and requesting this feature here:


Thanks and Ride On!

Hi Scott.

I submitted a ticket with MayMyRide as you requested.

The response indicates that they can support recording rides if you use their API’s.  So can you add this to your development schedule?

Here is the response:


Hi Gene,

Thanks for writing. Our integration with Zwift is based on their use of our public API. As such, we have no control over the data exchanged between apps. Please contact their support team with further questions regarding the syncing of our applications. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Hey Gene - thanks for giving MayMyRide a nudge :slight_smile: Good news is that MapMyRide integration is in the pipeline for a future release. Stay tuned. 

Hi Scott,

Awesome, thanks for the update!


It works but it does not sync from MapMyRide to Apple Health :(  Only tracked MapMyRide workouts do.

I got the Mobile Link app to work so do not need the above anymore.  Thanks!