Expanding underdeveloped maps

So many wonderful IRL roads to choose from, can some of these under developed worlds get a little more love?
Zwift Map
IRL Strava Heat Map

It would certainly be great to build-out some of these maps. I have no idea if the contracts with the UCI prevent that, though, since many of those added roads would be outside of the actual courses used.

On Innsbruck, though, I’d be happy if they just added the upside-down house!

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RCS Sport owns the Giro and maybe there is some contractual restrictions that I don’t know about. That would be up the UCI’s alley. But being that they are public roads, with my lack of other knowledge, on the surface I can still dream about building these out to be something like the London map or even just following the IRL roads in the local mountains, along the rivers, etc.