Strava Zwift Map integration

Hi fellow Zwifters,

there was an older topic which asks to integrate Zwift maps in Strava. With the introduction of sponsored contents (or whatever Strava calls it) there might be a better chance to have a map of the Zwift virtual world instead of the regular strava maps. For example Wahoo overlays the map with little icons of the KOMs/PRs on a ride, since the sponsored contents was introduced, so it should be possible now to alter the maps for third parties. A while ago I also made a feature request in the Strava forums ( with a proof of concept that it is possible.


Surely that’s something that has to be implemented by Strava on their platform, rather than a Zwift feature.

But surely Zwift could call Strava and say “hey guys, we’ve got a great idea…” :wink:


I came here to suggest the same thing. Given the number of people putting their rides into strava the base map they appear to be using for rides in Strava seems a little off…

Would be great if Zwift could supply a map for Strava integration

Yeah, when you ride the Vulcano KOM, your friends think you swam laps in the pacific ocean :rofl: