Strava show a Zwift map for Zwift activites

How much can Zwift ask of Strava?

For activities in Zwift could ZHQ get Strava to show a map over “our Zwift world”.

Thinking of a “if Zwift then Zwift-map() else real-map() end” thing :wink:

This is a feature that should be on Strava since a while. At the moment, the Strava world map is pretty useless for Zwift rides since the Zwift world differs a lot from the real world.

have noticed this as well.

Perhaps Strava should really have virtual maps for the parts that deviate from the real world maps.

like Zwift :slight_smile:

this would make it more logical

I have asked for this a few times. Zwift rides are virtual so it makes little sense to map them on real maps when they don’t bear any relation. Zwift has background maps for the courses so Strava should use these for Zwift rides!