Evo Sprint Race - Three Village Loop - Flagged in Sprint

I did the 10:45am (GMT) Evo Sprint Race this morning, which is a single 13km lap around the Three Village Loop, ending at the Country Side Sprint.

Upon finishing, I got flagged and shown the ‘Calibrate Your Trainer’ popup. There were at least 5 other riders that also got flagged at the same time. My results aren’t shown with the other riders, and ZwiftPower hasn’t even acknowledged I had entered the race.

My sprint was a lower power than most B races that I usually complete, and overall power during the race wasn’t anything special. Trainer (Kickr Core) calibrated / spin down before most rides.

Luckily I was recording the race, and so I’ve attached a link of the final few hundred meters. You can see when I cross the line that other riders were flagged.

Interestingly, I also noticed that the A riders might have been in our pen which I haven’t seen before. With 1 minute to go, a group of riders left our pen: youtu.be/GWeRMpoJd7s?t=103

Anything I can do to stop this happening again? Any possibility of having my results sent over to ZP?

See Country Sprint Bug

That would completely make sense. We can hope for a fix one day.