Evo CC race series

I’ve just done the race and the datas aree wrong because I ride one more round after the finish line, the average datas went down cause of that, that’s wrong way of recarding data :rage:

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To check your race metrics, create an account at zwiftpower.com. There, you can see all your data from the event alone, excluding the cool down after finishing.

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Done, but on strava, datas are not like that, too bad, thx.

Is your point that you did a race, and you did an extra lap after the race, and you are upset that Strava has recorded your average rather than the race average?

Yes, not upset, but after the finish line, datas should be recorded just for the race.

Strava records for the entire ride. I don’t think there’s anyway around that.

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Upload the ride to Strava twice. Crop the cool-down from the first and the race from the second. Hey presto! Separate activities!