Everybody's gone

In Watopia, most of the riders on the course are invisible to me. I did a group ride Friday with 145 other people. Only 5 others were visible to me. And it seemed like they could only see our small group.

This doesn’t seem to happen in London.

Anybody else experiencing this? Any way to fix it?

Just posted the following today.  Hopefully I’ve solved the problem although not sure given the change between Watopia and London today!!


Phil Wisson Today at 18:06

I had this problem recently.  Started using Zwift about a month ago.  Everything ok then all of a sudden I’m riding solo with very few others around me either back or front despite the screen indicating xxxx other riders on the circuit.


I am in the UK using BT broadband and my wifi broadcasts on two bands 2.4 and 5 GHZ.  In my particular case I found that transferring my ipad from 5 to 2.4 restored other riders in the routes.  Not sure why but this worked for me!!

Hi Brian - If Watopia is empty, it means you need to grab the latest version of Zwift from the App Store. We’ve moved everybody to a version of Watopia that has a new jungle area, and people on the new version of Watopia won’t be able to see people on the old version, and vice versa.

If you were on Watopia today Something was off since it was London day. 


Your issue was different since it seemed something was interfering with your WiFi signal on the 5Ghz frequency.


You’ll only see people in the right hand column who are on the same stretch of road as you are on. So even if 300 people are riding on Watopia, if you’re riding the Jungle loop you’ll only get the people on the jungle loop showing up in the right hand column.

London is a bit different since there are less roads so more people show up.

Correct me if I’m wrong anyone.

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I had this issue yesterday (30th Oct @17:40 GMT).  I joined an event that was meant to be in London but ended up in Wattopia.  Looked like there was only one other person in my event with me and I only saw about 5 people in 40 minutes of cycling.  Before the ride stated Zwift did an update.

I updated to the Windows Fall Creators edition over the weekend and set up the protected folders functionality.  As I was cycling, I noticed popups telling me that this protection was blocking Zwift do something.  Unfortunately, the popups didn’t last long so I couldn’t note down what it was complaining about.