I know that Zwift is young and I expect it will be around for a long time.

The goal of Zwift is really to make riding the trainer fun. If sitting looking out the window or at the wall while spending an hour on the trainer was fun, there’d be little need for the product.

That said, Zwift is an online simulation with some game qualities. I’ve played a lot of MMORPG games through the years and very early on, developers learned that in game events were a hot item. All of the major holidays get their own events in online games, why should Zwift be any different?

Of course give people the option to turn off any effects.

Doing things like:

On Halloween, you look like a zombie or skeleton on a bike.

A Thanksgiving turkey run where turkeys run down the road and you get points for keeping up with a fast turkey.

Reindeer running along with riders during Christmas.

A dog days of Summer event where you have to outrun dogs that chase you.

It might sound stupid, but anything to break up the monotony and make training fun. Just an idea for the future.

And for the record, I’ve had cows run along side me before on the road bike and deer run through the woods with me on a mountain bike. And dogs??? We’ve all had that one.

They did something fun on April fools day last year where everyone’s bike looked like a kids tricycle.  My hunch is that they get into this sort of thing.

Snow on the ground for Christmas.

Seasonal achievements to complete.

Rewards for the achievements - Santa’s outfit.  Pet’s to follow you, run ahead or fly overhead.

Whilst I don’t really think this is a MMPORPG it definitely does have some similarities when it comes to keeping you motivated, hooked and coming back for more.