What do you think about adding quests and voice acting to the training?

Hi, I use to run for 30-60 min. on Zwift, and sometimes I feel like … Wow! that’s wonderful! but there isn’t a sense of purpose on running those maps.

What about doing mini-quests? Like, can you walk my dog? Or can you catch my dog who escaped and I can’t follow it? Or maybe, can you do some groceries for me? Or, can you stop that bus? … I don’t know, sometimes I feel that having something to do would be interesting and “the game” is already here. We even have the NPCs and animals and all that … why not just add a little history?

Is the same for the audio, is good for ambiance, but what about “special content”. I remember the podcast “Zombies Run”, where your were supposed to run in a city full of zombies. The narration was something like “Dad, go to pharmacy and take some medicines for mum.” … “Dad, we see zombis behind you, run fasted dad! you’re almost there, 300m more and you’re safe” and things like that.

I remember exercising really hard those runs! The voice acting was amazing and I remember even feeling the danger and the panic when doing it. Joining Zwitf with this kind of content would be incredible.

I really love the “just one mile to the end message”, or doing loops on the same amazing circuit, but sometimes I feel like adding some “gaming” inside Zwift wouldn’t hurt.

That’s all, I just wanted to share with you my thoughs. Keep training!

You might like Hustle City (although it sounds like you maybe only run and don’t ride, and it’s only for cycling):

Personally, I’d rather see Zwift put their resources into improving the basic platform and existing features (better pack dynamics, results-based categorization for races, more worlds and routes). It’s gamified enough as it is for me with the levels, route badges, etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing more challenging missions and long-term challenges (like the Tron bike challenge) though.


I’m up for additional challenges to keep running more invested but not the gamification suggested.

I hope we don’t see any more new worlds for a while.
Rather than a new world roughly based on the years UCI location, they should improve the game.

We have enough roads.

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NOOOOO!!! I want roads! And quality releases! And bug fixes! :joy:

D’oh. I’d seen Hustle City previewed on some older Youtube videos, figured it’d be out by now.

OK, GTBike V then :grinning:.


Yeah it looks like they might be on hard times. The download links don’t work and their last social posts were last October.

I’m oretty sure we’re going to get more expansions to Makuri every now and again, as has been stated before as the plan. Which is just fine with me, because I love Makuri.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on adding some excitement and purpose to Zwift running. I understand where you’re coming from and think it’s a great idea to add mini-quests and special content to the platform. The idea of having something to do while running, like walking a dog or doing some grocery shopping, could definitely add a new level of engagement to the experience.

The “Zombies Run” podcast you mentioned is a great example of how audio can add a new dimension to running. The voice acting, narration, and sense of danger created an immersive experience that made you feel like you were running in a city full of zombies. Integrating similar content into Zwift could definitely make the experience more engaging and enjoyable.

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I guess we come from the same “background”. Thank you for supporting my idea :slight_smile:

I think the “core” of Zwift users are more “athletes” than I. So I perfectly understand why they prefer to put efforts on the “core content”. Roads, events, races, training programs, group planings, route planning, etc.

I also love that, but since I can’t follow such demanding activities a more story driven content appeals to me. I was wondering if it was only me, and I’m happy to see that I’m not alone, but I also see that it’s not something trendy.

Who knows, maybe someone reads that and starts a new “Zwift Quest clone”. I’m just glad to have had this conversation with all of you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for adding that to the conversation.

I didn’t know that game before.

After reading all posts, I guess that Zwift is right as he is. Maybe more training plans, maybe some more roads, maybe a Makuri Island expansion … -I love Makuri Island, but I know some roads by heart right now- … and I understand that the experience I’m talking about is maybe a good starting point for another game, but not “inside” Zwift.

Thank your for participating in that conversation :heart:

I like the idea.

I used to play quite a bit of Goldrush on Zwiftgps (ZwiftGPS). Unfortunately that is not maintained anymore.

It would be nice if Zwift could bring that into the game that will bring new life into some old maps.

Shame. Hustle City was indeed released in 2021 but I can’t find it in the App Store (iOS only) anymore either. At least my installed copy still works and is great fun (and a safe space to leverage my mad urban cycling skillz). Been meaning to try GTBike as well for over a year now, but having to learn to play the actual game (even a little bit) has been keeping me off so far.

ZwiftGPS did finally get the expanded Makuri roads and the Scotland world.
So, there is {some} maintenance happening.

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