Add mining and logging! :D

OK, maybe not 100% serious, but riding through Makuri Islands earlier I had a strong urge to start mining those boulders and cutting down the trees. Too much New World, perhaps.

I’ve talked about it in the past, but I’d love something to do in game other than just riding around. I’d love a reason to be riding around. Some sort of mission or quest mechanism (optional, of course).

Oh no! The radio tower generator has broken down! We need you to ride over to Hank’s garage, pick up a doobrey and deliver it to the tower.

We’ll give you 200XP for doing so.

Something like that. There could be bonuses based on doing it quickly, or covering the least distance.

Inventory items could persist between sessions, meaning a task might mean picking something up in Watopia and delivering it to somewhere in London or New York etc.

I understand that’s not what Zwift is. And I know there are other games in development that are more like this (although the one I’m particularly thinking of is iOS only). But the fact is that of all the games I’ve tried, Zwift feels best to me from the perspective of how the avatar looks and behaves.

Anyway, idle thoughts. I guess there’s plenty to fix first… :smiley:

New York is a prime location to expand the world and add in a bike messenger type gamification. This would also be fun for those with steering devices, dodging cars and pedestrians as you fly down 5th ave in Manhattan would be great fun… and possibly a reason for me to get a steering device :slight_smile:


I want to hijack another innocent rider’s tron bike and ride recklessly on the wrong side of the road. That is what I want :joy:


Hey bike messenger…

After a meeting of senior zwifters at the Empty Bidon pub in London a list has been drawn up of all the new bugs introduced in the latest release. Could you please pick it up, ride over to downtown Watopia and deliver it to Zwift HQ. Reward of 300XP for quick delivery.


Hey cycle courier. Zwift HQ has ordered a new paper shredder. Please pick up from the hardware store in Harrogate and deliver to downtown Watopia. Double XP for arrival before the list of new bugs as we can then shred it!!


Sounds like youse should try out said “other game in development” (indeed iOS only for the time being):

I’ve so far played it just once (limited to double-digit watts due to a knee injury) and was sold on the idea instantly. Indeed got a strong dodging buses and cabs while riding down 5th Ave vibe.

And yeah, this kind of gamified intervals would certainly make Zwift more interesting as well, but I’m not sure it works that well without the skill element of steering.


Yeah, it’s what makes GTA Bike a lot of fun too. And in that I can get off my bike and, um… punch people. Or indeed shoot them from the bike.