Events are gone! List of Events is empty! FIXED!

Was broken at 06:45 BST this morning when i logged on to lead my 07:15

STILL broken 3 hours later???

middle of the night in America and even some of UK based staff are in US this week…hopefully somebody is awake. but best update in this post.


Same thing here, no events showing at all, can’t join events I signed up for. Apple TV at 5am EDT.


I don’t see any events on Zwift (windows 11 12H2)
I opened the UDP and TCP ports but nothing happened.

I have the events on the android companion application…
Ps : No filter active
an idea ?


nothing wrong your end. Problem at zwift which they are aware of but no ETA on a fix

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thoughts and prayers with @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ when this happens


:grimacing: :sob: :scream:

Doing Zone 2 and moving posts, what a life.


Same, missed my race

Sigh…didn’t know about this until I tried to do the 11.10 am “Race Like A Champ” event.

Same problems here; no “join event” prompt & couldn’t join from the events tab on the home screen. Spent 40 mins dicking around and re-starting everything multiple times.

Have signed up for the 12.10 pm event, but it seems like this won’t work either?

Looks like it is back up and working. At least for me.

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looks good

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When I finished a ride I saw it was back. 6:40 AM in NY)

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Same problem. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling Zwift. No joy. Emailed Zwift support who advised systemic problem they are working on.

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Some 4 hrs after being reported, no official comms and the server status page says all is well…

at least it does appear to be working now.

Significant outages like this really need to be communicated in real time. The status page RN:

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 07.42.28

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Too busy working on Zwiftpower improvements.


Good morning!
Since this morning, the list of available events on my Apple TV Zwift disappeared…. I tried on iPhone and I have the same problem… someone know what is happening??


Zwift are aware of this issue and are working on it. The same happened a good few riders today

Despite knowing about and apparently resolving the problem, sadly there has been no update from Zwift on this thread (or any other?) as mentioned in the message to you (which didn’t come from a Zwift staff member) and no update on their status page. This is really basic operational practice.

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