Event Schedule Not Listing Course Info

In recent days when I open the webpage for Zwift Events, none of the events in the list identifies course information (e.g. Watopia, Volcano Climb). Some events give course data if the event is a Race but not for a Group Ride. (Course data is not given in an individual event description so no help there.) Therefore if I sign up for a Group Ride, I have no idea what the ride is until I get on the start line. Cannot submit my problem using ‘zwift.support’ webpage as cannot get it to open!!! HELP!

Use the Zwift Companion app instead of the webpage.

or try this one.



Thank you both for your suggestions & and fast response.

Lin’s suggestion to use the Zwift Companion App works fine. Thanks.

Gerrie’s suggestion to use Zwifthacks provides the info I have been missing but of the 6 fields in my ‘Events’ window, the ‘Time’ column is blank; so not useable! From quick exploration of what Zwifthacks provides, the Events window has a ‘toolbar’ that allows fields to be filtered; that is missing on my window when webpage opened, so I’m unable to ‘trigger’ the data hidden in the ‘Time’ field.

Thanks again to You Both (the App has solved my problem).


Did you try a different browser?

I have circled where to clear filters and how to find more filters.

From your description it seems most likely that your browser is preventing some of the JavaScript on these webpages from running. That means that you only get partial results/page content.

Please try another browser or perhaps try to open the pages in an incognito browser window. Your may have to reset browser settings or clear your browser cache before these and other pages with JavaScript and/or longer load times will work properly.

The problem could in theory be caused by your firewall or malware protection software, I have seen that cause similar problems before.