Event Routes

Here’s one feature I thought would be cool: so a lot of us just have that race we want to train for or maybe just want to relive that epic bike trip. Well here would be a GREAT solution: I was just thinking that “it would be cool to relive the ride across America that I did last summer from Seattle to a island off the coast of Georgia called Saint Simons Island” (we called the ride Sea2SSi-short for Seattle to Saint Simons Island) and I thought it’d be cool to relive it w/o having to drive to Seattle and just the fact of real life that we have to drive there, detour to go to the bathroom etc. but instead just enjoy the ride! (this way I could have people join me on Zwift and so I could avoid the heat and maybe do it in the winter.) Another reason would be “it’d be cool to set up my own races but I can’t do all the stuff like people do for IRONMAN events or other races because it takes a LOT of work and fund raising”, so what we could do is make a route on say Strava or Garmin, upload the route, generate the route, name it, and there you go! (Or generate a route’s GPX file that you already did so you could try it again or training for it on Zwift before the event) Then there’s triathlons! How would we do that? Well we could upload a bike and run course… but what about the swim? Well maybe there could be an app for Apple Watches that allows people to do the swim and then upload it to Strava and Zwift so you could do it at the gym (so the Zwift course would have you swim in a lap pool or whatever you used when you were swimming-lake, river etc. so you could record it on the special Apple Watch app and then you could do it on Zwift!) for those who have endless lap pools and virtually do a swim course. But, what about those who don’t have a pool or don’t feel like going to the gym? Well, then there’s rowing, you could upload the swim course or use the maps app to choose your gym and then it’d virtually put you in say, LA fitness’ gym on the screen! Then since rowing is faster than swimming you could choose the distance for the swim and for those who’ve connected with a rower, the distance would be multiplied by 5 so say a swim course for a sprint triathlon is 400m, it would make it so when you connected with a rower it make the row portion of the triathlon 2000m. Then could could have people join you and once you’ve finished the swim it would put you automatically on the bike course, then the run course, THEN you’d save the activity (You could also save the segments of the triathlon individually so that way you could save the swim portion then do the bike, save it, then the run and save it just in case you do the swim, then on the bike ride the app crashes, then you would not loose your swim too.) And you could make events for people on Zwift to join you! Sorry about this post being so long I just had a lot I wanted to share! I hope you consider this.
P.S: I feel like this could become a reality especially with the upcoming Climb portal’s being generated from real world routes.

This is possible in other apps and it is very boring because you end up alone and the scenery is nothing like IRL.

This feature is requested every few months going back to the beginning of the game. There are tools to create a Zwift workout from a GPX file, but riding an imported route is not supported and doesn’t seem to be on the roadmap.

Latest RGT offers bots on magic roads. Still boring in my opinion, but a bit better. It’s also possible to have group events on magic roads if you can recruit other people to ride with you. A local club here held a virtual race earlier this year using data from a local route.