Event not working as set up

Hi all - Has anyone else run into an issue with a Clubs event not working as it was set up?

I set up an event to run an intra club race on Lady Liberty for 2 Laps.
Despite still showing the correct route in the event we ended up doing about 3 laps of Park Perimeter, the lap counter was stuck on 1/2 Laps for the whole event. The distance to go counted down to a finish at the total distance for 2 Laps of lady liberty loop of about 25km. At about 500m to go the distance then changed and it started counting down meter by meter from 5km to go. And on the finish line for the park perimeter loop it then started counting distance up.

Attached screengrab of the event I set up, a screengrab from a teammate when the countdown from 5km started, also shows the 1/2 lap counter, and link to the event in my feed.


Thank you for posting Sam, I will bring this up to the team to look into.

Hi @Eddy_Lee and @Sam_Boocock, I had the same issue tonight but on LaGuardia route where I set up a club event for 12 laps but we were navigated around the park perimeter instead. Any help on what I may have done wrong or what caused this would be good.



@Rich_Bacon_B would you happen to have the event ID available by any chance?

Happy to try to find it if you can tell me how to get it?

Look at the end of the URL when you view the event on Zwiftpower.

Ok, but I can’t see the event on Zwift power… it didn’t complete. It doesn’t appear in my history.

Look at the general event history in Zwiftpower rather than in your own profile.

Ok but it was some days ago… let me try to scroll through them!

Club events aren’t on ZP by default.

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Argh, my bad, I was forgotting that it was a club event.