Event disapeared before expiration date

I took part in the climbing event (I dont remember the exact name) to earn the Tour de France Femmes cycling cap (Watch the Femmes). The program said the deadline for completing the climbing distance was the 31st of July, which is today (Germany). But it was no longer availiable when I started the program this noon. I just bought my ZwiftHub last week and went all out to complete the challenge and get the cap. Is there anything I can do? I am just very disapointed right now because of all the effort I put in.

I think you may be confusing challenges. the Climbing one runs until early tomorrow - which involves doing the climbs via the Climbing Portal.

The Watch the Femmes challenge means you need to do the Watch the Femmes group rides, which finished at 12:05pm today Germany time. You would have had to complete all 4 stages to have received the cap.

Thanks for your answer but I meant the Climb Tourmalet Challenge and not the Climbing Portal one.
I already completed the Climbing portal challenge.
I am kind of confused right now because I thought I only had to do the 2115m of climbing through July to get the cap. I only had 300ish meters left to do today.