August Podium Rides event ended early?

Just completed my 4th and final Podium Ride, but the kit did not unlock, and the event is no longer listed on the home screen. What gives? The schedule says it ends “September 4, 2023, @ 08:05 UTC”?

Incidentally, the gloves for the chasing rainbows mission did happen to unlock from the same event.

Usually (touch wood) logging out and back in again and starting a new ride unlocks any items you’re owed. Give that a try. :+1:

Already tried, no dice.

Same thing happened to me this morning on Stage 4 Podium Ride (9:05 EDT). Have logged-in/out/in; started a new ride; even rebooted the computer: no update or changes. On Zwift v.1.47.0. The event disappeared from the Home Screen after the ride, and I wasn’t awarded the badge or kit when the final stage was completed.
Would love some help getting this resolved, @zwift. I won’t have another opportunity to complete a makeup ride today. Thanks!

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I contacted Zwift support and they told they’ve fixed it for me (haven’t had time to check).

You’d hope they could fix this for everyone at once, rather than require everyone individually having to do this.

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How did you contact them? I get trapped in a circular bot-assisted hellscape of faqs when I try to “contact us”.

You should be able to get through to them if you persist in telling the silly robot that you still need help

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As @Paul_Southworth said, keep insisting that the chat robot isn’t helpful and eventually you should get an option to send an email.