Error ZLM04, Can't start Zwift

I get an error ZLM04 “The request timed out” when opening Zwift. I checked the internet connection (works well), and reinstalled Zwift.

What should I do to solve the problem ?

I wonder if Austria is using the same backbone as Germany Telekom: Problem with login to Zwift via German Telekom

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I am not sure because I can run Zwift on my very old Windows computer.

Currently I am using a Mac and the ISP A1

Is everyone who is getting the “Connection Error … ZLM04” using a MAC? I ONLY get this error when connecting via my Mac, phone app and windows machines connect. It’s incredible frustrating, and I am so tired of fighting with ZWIFT bugs! Have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my Mac and internet connection is perfectly fine - it works and then i doesn’t. Is there anyone who can assist me?