ERROR put against result incorrectly

I did TOW Stage 2 a couple of days ago and now my result on Zwift Power has suddenly been marked as ERROR but i didnt ask for it to be. Why is this? Can my result be put back?

I did have an email today asking me to verify my weight which i have now done.

Probably best to email - from past uses it looks like that data isnt consistent with other event data hence the tag.

If Zwift has emailed you for weight verification for that event then maybe people have complained about your performance.

It is no different to any of my other results, which is why I wondered only that one was flagged.
It doesn’t seem right to mark it as error before I verify my weight. Thats kind of making me out to be guilty of cheating without first giving me the chance to prove im not. And it means anyone can report someone and have their result removed without question - which is just not fair.
I sometimes feel us smaller lighter riders are discriminated against but never seems to be the other way around.
I will email zwift power as you suggest

Made no sense to me either and agree that in no way should that ride have been flagged … I’m no race scrutineer but I even I can see your results are consistent, albeit you have a weight that I am envious of!

Be good if Zwift provide the actual reason to you and even better if you could post that result here. Back in the days of Sticky you will have had your answer fairly well straight away, whereas now its a drawn out process thats just not justified. Good luck Alex.

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ERROR is usually applied if the rider ask for a ride to be removed due to trainer miss calibration or a spike in data.

I know and I have done that before, but I didnt ask for it this time