Error 114 on MacBook Pro

I cannot install the download zwift software on my Mac from the same website, the error isthe Error code 114 in file /Patcher.cpp at line 558
Please Help, I have reinstalled 3 times and always get the same error.
I can’t use the simulator …
Please help me, My mac computer is fully compatible.
Thank you,

Uninstall Zwift
Delete all remaining Zwift files/folders
Restart computer
Re-download Zwift
Reinstall Zwift


I just did it, but it doesn’t work. Attached screenshot for you to see the result.
I’m desperate…

Hi @Mariano_Gil

Please see this thread.

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I have done everything indicated in the post and it does not work. I don’t know what may be happening …

Good Morning,
I would really appreciate the solution … I can’t train with Zwift, can someone from support tell me how to fix this bug?
Thank you.

Firewall / antivirus apps can also cause this error. Please disable any that you may have running on your computer, or at least, specify Zwift is allowed to pass through.

Your WiFi router’s firewall may also get in the way. Please make sure to open the specific ports that Zwift requires. Specifics in this support article

Good afternoon and thanks for your reply.
I have made all the checks indicated in the post, even my internet provider has made me open ports that you specify. All this without solution.
I copy part of the Log that gives the application in case it can be of help …

[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Server manifest file checksum is “1897373237”.
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Server ver_cur checksum is “1271531551”.
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Local Launcher version is “1.0.7”.
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Server Launcher version is “1.0.5”.
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Launcher URL for updating self is “”.
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Update available ( != 1.0.48969) false
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Launcher: Calling Update Launcher Check
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Launcher: Calling Update Process Available
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Launcher: Update Found
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Launcher: Starting Pre Update
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Kicking download of “ZwiftMac_1.0.48969_ec6cdfaf_manifest.xml”…
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Downloader::Update() local path = /Users/josemarianogildelegido/Downloads/ZwiftTemp/ZwiftMac_1.0.48969_ec6cdfaf_manifest.xml[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Downloader: “ZwiftMac_1.0.48969_ec6cdfaf_manifest.xml” downloaded successfully (manifest checksum not provided, i.e. -1).
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: “ZwiftMac_1.0.48969_ec6cdfaf_manifest.xml” was downloaded successfully.
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Parsing local “”…
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: Parsing server “ZwiftMac_1.0.48969_ec6cdfaf_manifest.xml”…
[18:53:48 2020-04-16] Patcher: ERROR #Z114, FILE “/Patcher.cpp”, LINE 558: Loading local manifest XML file! (server manifest sucessfully downloaded). XML Error code 5.

same problem, new Mac Pro, same error message.
SOLVED by downloading through Chrome rather than Safari
hope this helps

No Joy - same error on US Chrome Download, UK Safari Download.

some solution to this issue ? I am experiencing the same after last update-pack !

should fix the issue if you delete everything o your mac with zwift in the name by searching zwift and selecting all the files/ folders (I had like 2GBs of data) I also found some data under the hidden system files search option. All all that was removed I no longer had issues with error 114
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12.07.25 AM Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12.07.05 AM Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 12.06.35 AM


I have done it 4 times and can’t get it to work. Emailed support and no response.

Hello, I am stuck on the same message on my Macbook. I have installed on a separate computer so I know there isn’t an issue with my internet provider. Can anyone advise? Running Monteray 12.0.1 with 60.23GB available.

I ran into the same issue. Right before it started happening, I remember I forced-closed Zwift by accident while the patcher was running and I believe it caused some corruption in the files stored locally.

Quick Fix
After investigating for some time, a “quick-fix” solution mentioned in another thread worked for me: to run using administrator user, e.g. in terminal:

sudo /Applications/
{enter password}

Based on that, I knew it wasn’t some network issue.

Proper fix
Digging a little more, I discovered that the bulk of the Zwift data is stored under ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/. I tried to rename that folder and launch Zwift and … it worked! The launcher then had to redownload all the assets and game data but after that was completed, Zwift started as usual – no more patcher error 114.

So essentially, in terminal:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
mv Zwift Zwift_backup 

And then start Zwift as usual.

Hope this helps.

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It’s working well, i just type in terminal :
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
mv Zwift Zwift_backup

Thankyou it’s really helpfull