Error 114 impossible to solve on Mac

Hi all,

Following a recovery of my Mac, swift continuously send me the error 114 at line 558 when trying to connect. The support e-mail address is no longer working and I tried all the stuff mentioned on the forum … including going through a VPN or connecting through the mobile network.

I am on a mac book pro late 2011 , OS High Sierra …

Before the recovery everything was working fine

If somebody has a way to help or if somebody from zwift can support it would be great.

thanks for your help

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling Zwift?

Yes … Several times. Even tried to do download and connect through VPN.

Have you tried connecting through a phone hotspot?

Yep. Does not work…

That’s an old OS, but I guess the highest you can go with that hardware. As long as you’re sure you are fully updated I’d suspect something in the hardware, why did you need a recovery in the first place?

Hi. Safari kept crashing … Before de recovery from the time capsule Zwift was perfectly working.

Can you post a screenshot of the error dialog that comes up? I assume you’ve also shutdown the Mac and restarted it?


you are the man (or woman) … this hidden folder makes all the difference

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