Error 114 at line 558

Hi there, I am trying to install Zwift on a Mac Book Air (mid-2013) running High Sierra (V.10.13.6). After running the installer, the application is truing to update and while it does that I get an error 114 message at line 558. Can you please help? Thank you, Konstantinos

Try uninstalling, delete all files that are left and download and reinstall again.

Make sure you are downloading from here:

not working, same issue with before. Thanks

Are all your drivers up-to-date.

The Mac does meet the minimum specs right:

More of a Windows guy so not sure I can be much help with a Mac.

No worries, will keep on looking. Is there anyone with a Mac background that can have a look btw? Apologies, not sure how that works. Thanks!

Maybe @Lin_Alan but he might be active this time of day.

Thanks for the suggestion. Alan, would be great to see what you think. From googling this, there seems to be an issue with the installer not being able to find the location of My Documents (for whatever reason). I have searched for all Zwift related files on my Mac and deleted these to ensure that the installer is starting clean but still no luck. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Are you using a work computer?

Hey Paul, no it’s a personal machine.

Your machine should meet the minimum hardware spec. High Sierra should also be fine. Double check that there are no outstanding OSX updates (minor patches to High Sierra).

Another thing you can do is look in the launcher log file. It’s a text file. Off the top of my head, I forget where it is located. Maybe your Documents folder > Zwift ?? I will be in front of Zwift and my Macbook in about 3.5hrs. Then, I will update w/the log file location.

Lastly, do you have a firewall blocking any ports or anything? If so, you might need to open it up.

There is something else I am forgetting, but hopefully I will remember between now and the end of my Zwift session.

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Thanks Alan, I’ll have a look. If there is anything else that pops into mind please let me know.

FWIW, I have a mid 2013 MacBook Air lying around and just successfully installed Zwift on it. It’s upgraded to 10.14.6, though.

Huh? “My Documents” is the directory where the installer dumps the Zwift folder on Windows.

How have you searched for Zwift related files, by the way? The Library folder in your home directory is hidden by default, and excluded from simple Finder searches. There should be Zwift related files in (at least) Application Support, Caches and Preferences there.

The log files are in ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs

You might want to open the Console App (/Applications/Utilities) before your next installation attempt for more feedback.

Never mind that, it has become just Documents on windows as well. Old memories die hard. :blush:

As said above, the log files are in /Users/xxxx/Documents/Zwift/Logs
You will want to look at “Launcher_log.txt” and see if it offers you any clues.

If you do a reinstall, I would do the following:

  1. Delete the Zwift launcher from the Dock.
  2. Go to Applications and delete the Zwift app itself.
  3. Go to your Documents folder. You should find a Zwift folder. Instead of deleting it, how about you rename it to something like “Old_Zwift” for now. You might want something in it later.
  4. Empty your trash.
  5. Reinstall Zwift.

Another option is to launch Zwift directly instead of from the Dock. Go to the Applications folder, right click on the Zwift launcher. I think the English is “Show contents” or something like that. Select that one. Then in the MacOS folder, you will find the “ZwiftLauncher-OSX” executable. Double-click and see if that gives you a different result.

Let us know if any of this helps.