ERG Mode Workout - How can I 'fail' a segment?

I have done two workouts now (I love them BTW), but in both, I “Failed” either a warmup or a cooldown segment.


I’m not sure how this can happen.  The workout is in ERG mode, and I have no real control over the wattage.  I try to maintain a steady cadence and let the system adjust the load.  Naturally it bounces around a bit, but twice now, it’s failed me on a segment.  


I don’t understand how this can happen?

Hi James, do you have a link to strava for an activity in question so we can check out the power numbers?

This is the activity from  yesterday.

This was the first one I had an issue with.

In both cases, I was in an ERG mode workout, and failed a warm-up segment.

It seems like the application should not even evaluate the pass/fail criteria for ERG mode workouts.  Your either riding at (near) the designated power level, or you are stopped (ride is paused). 


Edit to add: In case it matters, I was riding using a Wahoo KICKR for smart trainer and power, and using a Wahoo Cadence and Wahoo TICKR HR monitor.

This happened to me again yesterday.


Any responses?

I think I have failed segments when cadence has been low, the cadence flashing up only briefly on the screen. I think I was missing those cadence cues previously.


This happens to me every day since being in week 2. I am going on week 2 day 3 of the beginner FTP. I keep the WAT on the money and half the time i get a FAILED. I also started to notice the cadence on the screen towards the end yesterday. According to Strava my average cadence is 90 max 197. I’ll focus on keeping cadence above 90 today.

This is an issue for me as well on the Tacx Smart Trainer… 
With a 5 second delay (adjusting on the trainer) with ERG mode and trying to compensate and hold power, I often times go way above my power requirement… IMHO this should not decrement your score… If your to hold 340w for 15 seconds and it takes 5 seconds for the ERG to kick in, your left with 10 seconds of actual workout, Unless you power though the first 5 seconds which takes you way above your intended 240 ex: 500+ and attempt to hold you should have a perfect score. 


I have a tacx vortex smart, and I have no issues.  The key is to stay in the same gear, and let the trainer adjust the resistance .  The only time I fail is when I have to stop riding