ERG mode jacked up

I’ve been using smart trainers for many years so I know how ERG mode works. I have a Hammer and when I’m in workout mode, if I lose cadence and my power drops below the workout, ERG mode gets disabled. That’s understandable. However, getting back into the workout is very difficult and hard to pedal.

For example, let’s say during a workout segment it has me doing 250 watts for 10 mins. If I can’t hold that because I’m
Too tired, I can’t seem to get back in the workout. I will start to spin and the power will climb so high while my cadence is super low, there’s just no way get back in. It’s almost feels like going 600 watts just to get back in the workout. Let’s say the segment is finally over and the rest segment is only 120 watts. I should be able to causally get into 120 watts to get back in the workout. When I start to spin, the watts will jump to 300+ and cadence is so low that there’s no way to lower my power to enable ERG mode… what’s wrong?