Erg mode in Build me up plan

I have been using zwift for 3 years together with my Elite smart B+.
However since I am using the build me up workout plan the trainer does not regulate the wattage anymore.
This is only the case in the workout plan and not in other workouts.

This is specifically an issue when needing to put high wattage at low cadence.

Anyone any idea?

Hi Tom,

In order to investigate, can you please specify the exact workout or workouts where you encountered wattage problems in the Build Me Up Training Plan. If you let me know what workout(s) has the problem, I can take a closer look at the wattage and cadence targets in the workout, and let you know what I find. Thanks!

Hi steven
I had these problems in the following: Halvfems, Orange unicorn,
I didnt have it in What goes up must come down

Best regards

Hi again Tom,

I had a look at the Halvfems and Orange Unicorn workouts and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, though admittedly one can’t see information beyond a visual representation of the segments and the wattage targets.

If you’re having a hard time reaching your wattage targets at low cadence, it almost sounds like ERG mode is not working correctly for you. ERG should increase your resistance to help you reach the high wattage targets at a low cadence. For example, if the resistance is very high, you won’t be able to pedal very fast (low cadence), but pushing against the difficult resistance should generate higher wattage. If that is not happening for you consistently, then it would appear there’s a technical issue preventing ERG mode from working the way it’s supposed to work.

Also, you’re not changing gears during your rides, are you? If you’re using ERG mode, you shouldn’t need to change gears on the bike. Just set your bike in a neutral gear, keep an even and steady cadence, and let the smart trainer do all the work for controlling your resistance.

Hi Steven,

That is what I am thinking as well. ERG is not working (well) when doing these exercises.
However I started a basic one and there ERG is working fine.
Also The trainer and app seem to think ERG is enabled.
I tried adjusting the difficulty but that didnt help.
Not sure what to do.


Hey Tom, can you send us a support conversation with your log files the next time you try those specific workouts? We want to see if there are any slight dropouts between your trainer and Zwift.

Support Conversation link:
How to find log files:

Was there any resolution to this? I’m having the exact same issue on this particular workout. Thanks

Had erg mode issues with training session Method in Build me up. The wattage was getting stuck and not changing with each interval. I’ve only seen this in the Method workout in Build me up so fare. I’ve been going to the Bluetooth Pair command to disconnect and reconnect to get around this.

Also seeing a similar issue after starting the build me up plan. Erg shows it is on in the app but trainer does not respond

Hello All,
I did find a workaround by some pointers by the helpdesk.
My issue was with regards to my ANT connectivity. (only during the build me up training)
By connecting the trainer with the companion app by bluetooth, I was able to succesfully use ERG mode during the build me up training.


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Morning. I’m on the build me up program too. No issues so far until this morning. On the Halvfems programme I got to the first step ups and at the same point the trainer lost connection to zwift so no power or movement was recorded. I restarted and it happened again at the same spot.

So restarted again but changed the course to another loop in London and it was fine. However, halfway through the same thing happened and it lost connection again at one of the higher wattage intervals. I noticed that the companion app had disconnected so I paused the workout. Restarted the companion app and it seemed to be fine.

However on the recovery sections which were supposed to be 120 watts for 4 mins, the ERG stuck at 190 watts or thereabouts so I had to grind it out. Similarly the cool down resistance steps didn’t work so the wattage was again fixed at 190.

Frustrating and painful in equal measures!


For clarity. I’m using an Apple TV 4K with a wahoo kickr and wahoo tickr heart monitor.


Hi Rick, ERG has a set range that it can work for a specific gear ratio, did you try to use a different gear?

Hi Gerrie
I did try other gears but the wattage remained at 190 ish and the resistance continued, i just had to deal with the cadence best i could.
Felt like the connection between the designed workout plan (120w) and trainer wasn’t in sync.

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Erg issue. Orange Unicorn. Windows 10 ant+ dongle. It also was not working for me. To the point where it was claiming 105 wats and 35 rpm. I had to back pedal to get in 90 degree power stroke as no way to turnover tdc/ bdc. In power stroke u was about to snap my pedals off, guessing 1100watts. If I stopped pedaling for a while, erg would turn off, then it would normalize then get jacked again. Done spindown calibration. Doesnt happen other workouts.

Same issue here Build me up plan- the Cadence exercise (2nd week) No FTP resistance Apple TV 2+ Kicker core, and Ticker and Climb. Previous Build me up rides are fine.

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My last two workouts in week 5 of Build me up has a similar issue. There is a 30-60 second lag before ERG mode aligns with the required wattage. Everything was working great until late last week. And I mean for the entire 4.5 weeks of build me up. Loved it until now. I have to trick the system by shifting to keep within the required wattage until it finally engages 30-60 seconds later.

I’m using Kinetic Power Unit on Rock and roll. Companion app (iPhone 11 latest iOS). Windows 10, latest updates.

Like I said everything worked great for the longest time and then all of a sudden it decided to lag. This is especially frustrating with short intervals. I often miss stars, even in Zone 1 power because I can’t get ERG to calm down.

I’ve tried everything on my end. I’ve recalibrated through Kinetic. Restarted everything by powering everything off. Hard resets.

I just had the same problem half way in the Red Unicorn workout. The wattage stayed at 170 through all intervals and recovery. The power and cadence show correctly on the screen hence the connection with the trainer seems ok. I’m on a Tacx Neo for the third year with no problems. Firmware is up to date.

If I use the Tacx app to control the power it works. It’s just with Zwift.

Hi All
I have the same problem with erg mode. Week 5 exercise Escalation, erg mode does not react… Has anyone found the way to solve it? Will connection via bluetooth be better? Currently i’m using ant+ dong… nr Tomek

Make sure you are using the FE-C connection with ant+

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