erg mode q and a

Hi all. I have a few questions that some of you guru zwifters will no doubt answer: 1. when in erg mode, workouts, I want to have the speed/cadence and the workout descition (3 mins 110% 1 min 90% etc) much bigger - can I? I don’t care to see the rider avatar.

  1. Can I show the route in a graph / profile for these intervals?

  2. Are there any workouts that actually provide target cadence for each sector?

Thanks for your help! Happy zwifting

  1. No. You’re stuck with the font sizes as they are on screen.

  2. Not sure what you mean. Is this what you mean, i.e. a power profile of the workout? You get that in the workout selection screen.:

  1. Some workouts have cadence targets pop up on screen. Others just specify a range in the description.

Personally I would suggest using Trainerroad’s workouts and do them using their software. That’s what I do. I then run Zwift on another device just for entertainment. Their workouts and training plans are much better thought out and the onscreen data is generally better than Zwift’s.

The GCN workouts (and some others) do have cadence targets for specific intervals.