erg mode q and a

(Mark A) #1

Hi all. I have a few questions that some of you guru zwifters will no doubt answer: 1. when in erg mode, workouts, I want to have the speed/cadence and the workout descition (3 mins 110% 1 min 90% etc) much bigger - can I? I don’t care to see the rider avatar.

  1. Can I show the route in a graph / profile for these intervals?

  2. Are there any workouts that actually provide target cadence for each sector?

Thanks for your help! Happy zwifting

(Nigel Doyle) #2
  1. No. You’re stuck with the font sizes as they are on screen.

  2. Not sure what you mean. Is this what you mean, i.e. a power profile of the workout? You get that in the workout selection screen.:

  1. Some workouts have cadence targets pop up on screen. Others just specify a range in the description.

Personally I would suggest using Trainerroad’s workouts and do them using their software. That’s what I do. I then run Zwift on another device just for entertainment. Their workouts and training plans are much better thought out and the onscreen data is generally better than Zwift’s.

(Joe Daknis) #3

The GCN workouts (and some others) do have cadence targets for specific intervals.