ERG mode not working on zwift workouts

ATV and Saris H3 connected over bluetooth. No companion app. Tickr connected with bluetooth.

When I start a workout in the morning I double check ERG mode to ensure it is on. When i start a workout the ERG mode does not engage for the first interval after the warmup. I have to stop, save, force close then open again. I select the same workout and double check the ERG is selected then start the workout. It works on the second time.

After my rides i stop, save, force close, and put ATV to sleep.So the actions I take after I finish my workout are the same I have to do when closing the first attempt at a workout.

Why would it work on the second attempt? This happens every morning when I do a workout.

Erg won’t engage if you are not in the range of the required power number. So be sure to pedal before starting the workout.

Hi Gerrie. Maybe first interval was a bad description. When workouts start they have a warmup interval. They are typically very easy. The problem is when the first hard interval starts after the warmup. This is typically the first time you really have to start any effort. It is at this point I realize the ERG has shut off. No matter how hard I pedal Zwift keeps flashing and says I’m not pedaling hard enough. Then I stop do the whole mess and it works fine next time. Doing the same exact thing it works just fine.

It’s really odd. I have been using Zwift for a year and mostly workouts and training plans with ERG. It’s frustrating that this is adding 15 minutes to every workout. Seems like it’s a Zwift thing not a H3 or ATV thing.

I’m not logged into Zwift on another device. Firmware is updated and calibrated through Saris app.

Hi @Meredith_Ruland

that sound strange. Do you change gears in that hard interval to hit the numbers.

Next time open the companion app in that hard interval and see if ERG is on or off. Toggle it off and adjust the incline until you can match the required power. Than turn ERG back on.

No, I don’t change gears in ERG mode. Companion app will show its on.

This happened again this morning. The first interval after the warmup does not have ERG engaged despite it being selected before hand and showing its on in the companion app. Once i end the ride, force close the app, open the app, choose the same workout then it works. I am using Apple TV 4 connected to Saris H3 via bluetooth.