Erg mode not working in ZA orientation ride

Erg mode would not kick in for the Zwift Academy orientation ride. Tacx Neo. Toggled erg mode on and off but no joy.

ERG also not working on my Tacx Neo 2T. Toggled, reset, uninstalled/reinstalled; nothing. TACX app works in adjusting just fine.

Since the latest update I’m having the similar issues with ERG in workout mode. When I ride in the Zwift app in work out mode the ERG floats like crazy all over the place. uninstalled/reinstalled reset ect nothing seems to work. Every once in a while I can do a workout fine however when I try do do the next workout the same ERG floating occurs. I have a KickR Bike and have been in touch with Wahoo for diagnostics. They had me run several test rides in ERG and no problem reported in Wahoo app.
During one Zwift workout group ride several riders experienced the same issue.

See Kickr Bike & Trainer resistance is non responsive in free ride [August 2021] [1.16.0]

very frustrating. not getting much zwift rides in while trying to resolve the problem… I appreciate every ones input. good to know its not on our end and yes, Zwift needs to fix this hopefully ASAP. sure hope they are monitoring this chat site.

Same problem with my Tacx neo 2T and Apple TV

Same Here … tacx neo 2t /win 10. Impossible to follow the Training correctly without erg. Hope it’s going to be solved before the ZA start.