ERG mode in workouts using Tacx Neo Smartbike

Whenever I ride a training exercise only (works fine w/o ERG mode) partway through the ride the resistance changing to a literal unloveable setting. The cranks require what I would expect is more than 1500 watts of power to move them. This, I can never finish a “workout” that uses ERG mode… my bike’s firmware is: 0.0.41. I’m running Zwif on a 5th generation iPad with software version 14.6. I run the Zwift Companion on my iPhone 12. Any help would be much appreciated!

Ever heard of the “spiral of death”?


If you understand how Erg mode works, you’ll understand what we like to call the “Spiral of Death”. This torturous event happens when you are in Erg mode attempting to hold a particular wattage, then your legs get tired and your cadence slows. In order to keep hitting the wattage target, your trainer will then increase the resistance (see examples above).

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