Erg Mode and Computrainer

I’m confused about the Computrainer setup.  I understand that I don’t want to use my Ant dongle when pairing the Computrainer as it does so via the USB Com port but what if I want to pair my Garmin HRM while riding?  Do I unpair my Computrainer and pair the HRM?  If I disable the Ant I lose my HRM but if I plug it back in I can’t get into ERG mode as the Ant dongle seems to override the USB port signal of the Computrainer…confused.


I should also mention that this issue just raises it’s head when I am doing the workouts in Erg mode.

I’ve initiated a ticket but have not heard back in several days.

Hi Garry,

Sorry for the delay regarding support tickets - we are absolutely swamped by them right now. Regarding your Computrainer - the CT itself doesn’t need ANT+ as it’s plugged in (correct), but you need one for your HRM.

You do not need to unplug them - they will work concurrently. So go ahead and plug in the ANT+ dongle and your CT at the same time and you should be good to go.

If you are having issues with both plugged in (which is odd since we do the exact same setup in the office), perhaps a COM port needs to be changed? Take a look at our Computrainer set-up guide and see if that helps:–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

I use my CT in erg mode, with HRM via Ant + and it’s worked perfectly so far.  

No problems for me using my Computrainer and Garmin HR strap via Ant+. I don’t have the Computrainer earlobe HR device plugged in.