Computrainer with non-CT HR sensor support

I’d like to run Zwift with my Computrainer (over FTDI USB) but with a modern HR strap.  The Polar HR solution on the CT is finicky at best.

I’d be happy with either an ANT+ HR strap, or BLE through the mobile app sensor link (if it worked on Android).

Even better would be ANT+ cadence sensor support so I could keep the CT wiring drama to a minimum.


Hi Erik,

This functionality is already in Zwift! You can pair any number of different power meters, smart trainers, heart rate monitors, and cadence sensors.

Just choose the CT for “Controlled Trainer” and then pair your appropriate HRM and cadence sensor.

The Polar HRM uses ANT, not ANT+ so it is closed to us. We’ve had great luck with both the Wahoo and Garmin HRMs, however.

I appear to have uncovered a bug and / or odd CT hardware behavior.

I had a 3.5mm mono extension cord plugged into my CT head unit.  The HR sensor dongle was _not_ connected, just an unterminated extension.

Apparently the cord makes CT think there’s a HR receiver connected.  Under that condition, Zwift comes up with CT enabled on the COM port for power, cadence, load & HR.  If I unpair just the HR, I lose communication with the power and load.  I can not make Zwift do CT sensors a la carte if it detects the sensor.

However, unplug the extension cord from the CT head unit and Zwift happily loads the ANT+ HR sensor!

I hope that helps - Erik

Sounds to me like it’s a non issue.

Just do not plug that extension cord in.