Using Computrainer

Zwift recognizes my CT however it doesn’t appear to be changing the resistance on the trainer. I see cadence, speed and power. My setup works perfectly when running CT software.

In the settings, where have you set trainer difficulty?  I set mine at max, but many like setting it a little lower to minimize shifting between rings.  I’ve been using the “erg mode” to do structured workouts using Zwift,  the resistance is far less still than it is when I use my Computrainer in erg mode with Ergvideos.  On the flip side, I am able to maintain a hire cadence at the targeted powers while using Zwift.  

On the pairing screen (and it’s not in front of me know) there are 5 pairing options.  The one in the upper left is for a power device  which can be your computrainer or power meter.  This one will sync to your CT but will only read the power delivered, and won’t send a signal back to your CT.  The one on the lower right is Smart (?) trainer and will communicate both ways when paired from this icon.  Interesting to note that one you pair on either one, the other will show up as CT<com port#> as well.

But for resistance feedback to the CT, you have to pair from the lower right icon.

Hi Harold,

Do you happen to know what version of firmware you are currently using on the Computrainer?