Computrainer with Quarq

Is it possible to configure zwift to use the computrainer for setting the resistance, but read power and cadence from an ANT+ power meter?

Not yet, but this is an often requested feature. It’ll come but it’ll probably not be until springtime.

that would be great! I have the same setup and would prefer to have the ANT power/cadence as well.

I use a CT and also Vector.  When using Trainer Road on my CT I use Vector for power measuring so that I am using the same powermeter/yardstick on both my indoor and outdoor rides.  Is the Ant+ PM (quarq or vector) “better” (more accurate) than the power measured by the CT.  I can see the benefit of using the vector to read the power in that I wouldn’t need the cadence sensor on my CT hooked up - vector would provide that info.  But are there other advantages obtained otherwise by achieving the setup as suggested in the OP

I should add that my Garmin edge is still recording the power from my vector tho i assume the onscreen power readings in zwift are those from my CT (I have the CT paired).  I guess I could compare the average readings btwn the two for a few laps

There are a few reasons why you would want to do this.

1 - Your CT and PM differ (due to drivetrain loss, or calibration) and you want everything normalized to your PM’s power.

2 - Your CT might be off, or in the case of a Kickr is almost always off, thus you want to record your PM power.

3 - You might have a broken smart trainer, but one that is perfectly capable of providing load and thus the rides power should be based off your PM readings and you just get load applied by the load generator.

4 - With any smart trainer that requires calibration, if you use PM power, it simply doesn’t matter then if you calibrate.  As an example PerformPro and Trainer Road now offer the ability to even do erg mode workouts using your PM power to drive the load to the smart trainer.  Basically they do micro adjustments based off the difference in the 2 reported powers, getting your average watts to be in line with what you have the erg power set to.

It has been a couple years. Is this currently possible?