Workout Mode - CompuTrainer Erg Control

(Andy Thornton) #1

Completed a workout yesterday to compare Zwift with TrainerRoad for workout mode.  Course/Workout completed was Zwift - Richmond, VA - 12wk FTP Builder (Advanced) Week 1 Day 4.  I was using a Stages Power Meter as power data source and the CompuTrainer for cadence and in Erg Mode.  Zwift was extremely poor at adjusting the load/resistance on the CompuTrainer.  

I downloaded the FIT file from Zwift.  First problem there were no laps corresponding to the different work/recovery intervals which was disappointing.  I manually edited the file to include the following laps:

12min WU
3min @ 250W
3min @ 280W
3min @ 170W
3min @ 280W
3min @ 250W
3min @ 170W
5x5min @ 225 (+2min @ 170W)
10min CD

For every interval the power achieved was 10-15W below the target which corresponds to the usual discrepancy I see between my Stages and CompuTrainer.  This issue is overcome in TrainerRoad with their PowerMatch functionality.

Link to workout with laps added. 

I think just in general accessing workouts, reviewing workouts is much slicker in TrainerRoad and currently being able to create my own workouts for myself and my athletes this is the platform I will commit to for coaching & training.  Please keep me informed of developments with the workout feature as in general I do really like the whole Zwift platform.


(Simon Johnson BRS B) #2

I’m seeing the same thing with my Stages and Wahoo Kickr combo.  I’m constantly failing intervals because I’m not getting enough resistance to achieve the target power.  Like you, I see much better matching in TrainerRoad.

I hope to see this fixed in the near future…as I’m not ready to drop $10 to be told I’m failing :slight_smile:

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #3

I had the same problem with my Tacx Vortex and Power2Max power meter.