Computrainer in workout mode

I am currently using a computrainer while on Zwift.  Last night I did a “workout” that I had created.  I found that when I was doing intervals at 180 watts, I had to go into my hardest gear and maintain about 95 rpm to hold it.  I had no more gears left … so if I wanted to do 200w intervals my rpm would have been through the roof.  I calibrated the computrainer at 2.36 if this matters.  I am wondering if I should be in ERG mode or out of ERG mode.  Any suggestions appreciated!!  I have no issues when riding around Watopia or Richmond.

I’ve had a similar experience, also on a Computrainer in workout mode. I’m very new to Zwift, so don’t fully understand everything yet, so I apologise in advance if this comment isn’t useful. I found I had use the “Resistance” up and down buttons on the mobile app to enable me to use a sufficient range of gears. So, in your example, increasing the resistance via the app would mean I could do the same cadence and wattage on a lower gear. Good luck.

You should be in ERG mode when doing planned training as this mode has you doing the prescribed wattage regardless of chain configuration, and lots more.