ERG Issue?

I am a newbie and I am trying to use workouts properly I have a wahoo generation 3 and I am struggling to either understand or utilize the ERG in workouts effectively.
I do not change gears and expect the wahoo to adjust to hit the target watts but that is not consistently the case and it fluculates a lot even when I am staying at a consistent cadence

I assume that I am supposed to be at a comfortable gear and cadence and the wahoo should adjust ( I am near the highest on both gears and try to stay near 80, should I adjust my focus?)

Am I doing this correctly? Any insights or debugging?
Also what settings if any should be adjusted in the wahoo app?

I use Zwift on MacBook Air

Keeping cadence constant helps the trainer - you just wait for it to adjust. Shifting may be required if you can’t reach a desired Wattage at your preferred cadence, but there should be minimal shifting. You can also test ERG mode in the Wahoo Fitness app (which you should also use for calibration).