Equipment Analysis & Suggestions?

I’m assuming this must be here somewhere but no search really brought up anything. Is there a Equipment Comparison or Bike/Tire Combo Suggestions Thread or Section?

I’ve watched most of the YouTube videos and read everything on Zwift Insider but am curious what other’s have experienced.

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I’m sure will have an updated one soon.

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Blockquote Is there a Equipment Comparison or Bike/Tire Combo Suggestions Thread or Section?

Not really, except for the excellent work of Zwift Insider.

Maybe have a look at Ant+ simulators & speed tests for a do it yourself strategy.

As a dumb answer, I found that, for me, the s-works + 808 disk setup overcome anything on nearly flat courses with the double draft. At least if you’re able to remain in the draft LOL


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Is this what you search for?

Zwift Speed Tests ( Zwift Speed Tests

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Thanks for the link. I’ve already read and watched all the YouTube / Zwift Insider comparisons… excellent work Eric!

As I have found varying opinions and results from different sources I was curious about what other combinations Zwifters here in the forum have found to work.

Thanks again.


The mot simple solution would be go offline with zwift and connect zwift with a bluetooth mixer or equal something which generate fixed wattage over a certain amount of time.

Afterwards repeat every route with different setup like Shane Miller did it for the Tron and Cervelo bike.
Test see here:

And this is exactly what this document is all about:

I guess in the flat the Tron bike is still the fastest bike. Other bikes are 1 s or more slower. But in races this is more or less negligible because of drafting and so on … for ITT it is interesting!

For climbing the fastest combo would be a Safety (old) + Meilenstein or Specialized Tarmac Pro + Meilenstein - difference 7s.

For tires i don’t know. I guess even there it is relevant for ITT (falt and/or climbing) …

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Thanks! Those are the same resources I was pouring over as well the last couple days. It was interesting to me that I hadn’t noticed the little “Draftable” signifier in front of the different threads. Since I normally train alone, I’m thinking the Cervelo P5 may be the fastest option for me at the moment. I’ve been using the Tarmac Pro with Enve 3.4s while working toward the Tron Bike, but think there may be non-draftable faster options for climbing? Looks like possibly the Shiv is the fastest on the climb, but since I’m not made of Drops, I can only choose one and the P5 looks a little more versatile.

I thought I’d see what others have found in their experience though. Also open to fastest tires, again I’ve read most of the threads and watched all the YT comparisons, I just bought the 808’s… I think they were actually slower for me on the Volcano KOM than my Enve 3.4s… this game is so cool. Would love to see a pair of Hunt Wheels in the fray.

well in realtiy there is only one thing playing a role how high is the rim, how much spokes has it, which shape (U oder V f.ex.), for frames well i guess a speed suit has a bigger effect vs. a frame. it is also less cost effective compared to a frame (carbon). so its quite interesting that frames and wheel get a HYPE but speed suit doesnt … of course it’s a game.

but hey people want to believe. doenst matter that sience is speaking much more objectively.:nerd_face:

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