Zwift / Stationary combo to recommend?

Hey folks - I’m considering upgrading my setup and looking for recommendations of setups people fine work well. My current setup is on my PC, with ANT+, so I think the Wahoo Bike is out (as it only does ANT+ power if it’s controlling, not just broadcasting). I guess I could get a BlueTooth adapter…

So, I think that leaves me with the Wattbike Atom and Tacx Neo - or are there other options I don’t know about? Anyone have views on either one? Thanks!

Also looks like the Stages SB20 is now out - also a pretty impressive looking option, wish there were more early reviews…

GPlama review videos coming from tomorrow, in three parts.

If cost is an issue, i do love my Schwinn IC4, also seems mine doesnt suffer from the over power reporting issues many from 2019 had.

That’s great to hear - thanks DaveH. Such a big purchase, really hope to get this one right!