Entire buildings and objects disappear

I noticed that in London yesterday (The stones all eroded into sand… :slight_smile:) , though I’ve had building issues like what you described for as long as I can remember.
There were also NPCs walking with their calves in the ground.

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This is terrible, lots of them in Yorkshire too, the legs only start moving when you are very close.

Also big areas of the world disappearing, just the same as my screenshots from Yorkshire. London has had missing buildings for ages, but not like this.

As I say, fundamental problems. Shouldn’t have been merged IMO. Ah well.

No I agree, I didn’t request for my post to be merged, it was done without my consent - its a completely different issue. This has happened on several of my posts. I understand the need to de-duplicate true duplicate reports, but these are separate bugs/issues and its misleading just to lump them all together - its also not helpful since the topic title doesn’t refer to the bug I was reporting, so wouldn’t be found if anyone was searching for bugs related to trees.

But then the whole Zwift support experience is a hot mess of incompetence and refusal to even acknowledge issues let alone fix anything, so what do you expect :wink:

Yesterday, I was riding laps with D Maria on Railways and Rooftops. AppleTV 2022.
Each lap, on the reverse KOM, the entire Arcade building would disappear for around 15 seconds. It’s like David Copperfield was at work. :slight_smile:
Given that several of the routes in Neokyo go through that building, it should be one building that NEVER disappears.
There were a few other buildings that would disappear as well, but I don’t know what they were.