Enough is Enough

OK, this will be a rather heated post but…

I just finished YET ANOTHER dumpster fire of a ride…This whole thing is furious exercise in futility…

So, here’s the CONTINUING issue…The resistance is almost exactly 180 degrees off, for example, when I’m pedaling UP a +6 grade, there is little (or zero) resistance, and then when I’m heading down like maybe a -4 degree grade I get the “uphill resistance”… it doesn’t matter what % the incline/decline is, the trainer basically gives me the opposite resistance…It does this the ENTIRE ride, and at this point I’d like to cancel my Zwift membership and take my trainer and throw it straight out the window… /rant. :slight_smile:

OK so tech specs…

Apple TV 4K running current app version.
Android phone also running current companion app version. (same issue with the wife and her iPhone companion).
Saris M2 with the latest firmware (calibrated with the Saris app).

It does this whether I pair the trainer directly to the Apple TV, or pair it through the companion app.
It doesn’t do it every ride, but it does it frequently enough…I’d say 40% of my rides.

W.T.F ?!?!?!

Is this a Saris issue, or a Zwift issue? I’ve had about enough of it either way.

WTF indeed , this sounds very odd for sure .

I know several people with Saris trainers and they do specialise in some very left field issues but this is not one I have heard off to be honest

It sounds suspiciously like zwift is not connected to device smart control . Maybe some BLE issue with your Pairing devices , although you have said you have tried many different . When it is failing it would be worth checking the pairing screen and see what it is reporting , if you hve a signal to the control or not .

Loading your zwift logs into Zwiftalzer might help diagnose and highlight other areas to look at .

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I saw a post from someone else, with a kickr that had the same problem. Apparently they contacted Zwift tech support and they have identified the issue and are working on the fix…

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There are a couple of other posts with other trainers … so it doesnt look like a trainer issue !
One mentioned it being caused by ERG mode ,
None concluded with a solution unfortunately .
OP if you get an answer from zwift support , kindly post the solution here so others can find it (y)

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Do you have something besides an Apple TV to run Zwift on? If so, try it out and report back.

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@ Graham_Irvine_London

I’m not really sure how to get my Zwift logs from Apple TV?

@ avid_dk

Unfortunately I don’t have a PC with decent enough specs to run Zwift with good results, plus it isn’t Bluetooth so I’d have to get some kind of dongle or whatever to make it work, hence why we opted for the Apple TV, but that f^*#ing Apple remote is a torture device (material for a different thread).


How about running Zwift on one of your phones at least for a test. The Saris H3 has had this issue last early summer. I own one but use a Stages SB20 now. The problem resurfaced for the H3 owners in December IIRC. The talk all subsided when someone said it was an Apple TV issue. The other issue that has been identified in the past is how close the device is to the Saris trainer. The closer the better and some even went so far as to figure out what side the antenna in the Saris was. Finally one of the Community support posters here at the forum runs his H3 with a PC and Ant+ dongle and never had the problem. I am now using a Apple M1 mini using bluetooth and am very satisfied with the results. I currently use the Mini in the pain cave and as my main computer. I unplug the monitor in my office and plug the TV into it in the pain cave.


You can’t get log files from Apple TV. Zwift support can look at server logs from their end, but it’s not the same thing.

Dennis this issue happens to me from time to time. Last week on the Alpe I could barely pedal my bike going downhill. On the uphills the 6% grade was harder than the 11%. Its very frustrating. I have an H3 and play on ATV also. Maybe this is why Zwift doesn’t sell Saris trainers on their website?

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