End of Ride Screen appearing out of blue

I’m new to this so it could be user error.

Using Zwift on PC with mobile link app in iOS. I’ve done two rides - both times I selected ‘just ride’ and while riding around the end of ride screen just pops up as I am riding. I’m not near the PC keyboard so haven’t hit escape or anything and I wasn’t touching the phone screen at the time.

The first time it happened I thought maybe I’d joined some event that had just ended - I’m not sure how that would look and if the end ride screen would appear. The second time I’m totally sure I’d selected ‘just ride’.

Anyone else seen this? Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks.

I’ve had drops of sweat land on my phone, making the phone think I’m tapping buttons, and have my avatar change direction etc. Maybe this is happening to you?