Enable entering kit codes via the Companion App

For people who can only run Zwift on Apple TV or Android devices, can we please have the ability to enter kit codes via the Companion app.

I can’t run Zwift on my ThinkPad T530 as I’m stuck on Windows 7 (I’ve tried upgrading it to Win 10 in the past and it always fails despite it being supported), and I can’t justify buying a new system just for Zwifting on when it’s an otherwise perfectly capable laptop.

Should work fine, but don’t upgrade it. Stick any important personal files on an external drive and make a note of any programs/settings you wish to keep or replicate, then use the Media Creation Tool with an 8GB+ USB stick to make a bootable installer. With that, completely wipe your storage drive (delete all the partitions) and clean install Windows 10 onto it. Allow Windows to install all the drivers itself over the internet - no need to do anything manually - then copy your stuff back and you’re done.