Enable easy access to average results while riding

I would always like to be able to see my average results (especially watts and heart rate) easily!

Yes, I know there are some workarounds for this issue, like clicking on the menu button or edit some text files to show average watts while doing workouts. But that’s not handy at all!

In my opinion you don’t need to integrate such results in the games HUD. It already would be enough to display it in the companion app, or at least be able to do so.

The companion app is a great thing, but there is no point in showing me the same data as in the Zwift app! Users should be able to select which data is shown here, which should include average results, for races as well as in workout mode. Maybe the companion app even could show the current performance curve in comparison to our 30 days or all-time best.

I would highly appreciate these features and I’m sure many other would do as well.

I’m not sure, whether this has been discussed here earlier, but at least I couldn’t find a specific topic for this issue…

Thanks for your attention! :wink:

Hi Tobias

My workaround at the moment (which might not be applicable to you), is to use the Jepster (https://www.jepster.nl/) app on my Android phone (which supports Ant+).

I connect Jepster to my trainer and heart rate monitor using Ant+, and use Bluetooth for the connections into my Zwift PC, so both can coexist happily.

Jepster has a lap feature which is nice if you want averages for segments.

PS I got this idea from a group leader leader who mentioned he uses his normal bike computer to get a power average.

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In my opinion, averages of any metric is borderline useless, time in zones is what matters.


Agreed. I hear TrainerRoad will display your real-time FTP estimate during a workout which could be very motivating… would be great if Zwift could do the same rather than just tell you when an FTP increase has been detected…


Can you use a bike computer for now? I have my Garmin edge hooked up with my power stats on screen. Current, 3 sec average and overall average

@DanielS: I will definitely try this workaround. Thank’s!

@Paul_Allen: Totally agree! If Zwift should show the time in zones as well as the average.This would be even better!

@Andy_BREEZE_Otley_CC: real-time FTP also would be really awesome.

@Mike_D7: I don’t have a bike computer yet and don’t want to buy one just for Zwift! :wink:


No worries, thought I’d mentioned it as a lot of people have one for their outdoor riding. Hopefully we just get better data screens in-game

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