Elite Turbo Muin + and Garmin Edge 810 watts display problem

(Christoph Döttelmayer) #1

Hi guys,

I recently bought the new Turbo Muin + but cannot get the Watts to display on my Garmin Edge 810 and also not on Zwift.
Only on the Elite iphone app it shows up but I really need it on my Garmin. Any idea why it is not working, I tried everything with the settings of the Watt display on the Garmin as I then need it for Zwift.

Looking forward to you help

(Christoph Döttelmayer) #2

I also bought an ANT+ sensor for the computer…

(Paul Allen) #3

Try using the Zwift mobile app to bridge the Bluetooth signal to you computer. Before you start make sure the trainer is not connected to any device or app, including the Elite iphone app.Just make sure that your computer and iphone are on the same WiFi network. 

(Christoph Döttelmayer) #4

Thanks Paul, I will try that!