Elite Real Turbo Muin Ant+ problem

Hi guys

I use Eilite real turbo muin Ant+.
There are three signal for power soureas below;

  1. ELITE PWR 10427
  2. ELITE FE-C 10427

I clicked Elite real turbo muin 10427 for power and smart trainer
But power watts doesn’t work when I ride. and I clicked ELITE-FE-C 10427 both of power watts and smart trainer then it does work.
What is different between Elite real turbo Muin 10427 and Elite-FE-C 10427?

FE-C is the advanced protocol for Ant+ and is the preferred signal. Make sure you select FE-C for the Power Source and Controllable in the pairing screen.

Not sure why the other signal did not work unless you picked different signals for the two parameters. Or one is BT. BT can be flaky on Windows.

Than you Chris.

i need to check FE-C and i hope resistance work also.
hours ago i did ride for 1 hour, i couldn’t feel resistance work. I ride same gear even it is 7% up hill and -5~7% down hill.

Make sure FE-C is showing in Power Source and Controllable
Update firmware and calibrate using your trainer’s/Elite app…do not use Zwift
Once logged in and in game if you go to Menu & Settings your trainer’s default slider is in the middle … a 10% grade will feel like 5%. I think downhills are half of showing so if 10% downhill and your slider at 50%…the downhill grade is 2.5% (half of 50%). Zwift wants you to pedal going downhill.

100% you are right.
When I ride 10% uphill i feel like 5% in real uphill.
ok i will calibrate though elite app…
Will try