Elite Kura Smart Wrong Speed Displayed :(

Hi guys! :wave:
I am new to Zwift, right now I am using the free trial period.
I ride an Elite Kura Smart and I am having a hard time configurating my account as the displayed speed is incorrect. I usually oscilate between 190 and 240 watts, with a cadence of 90-95 (flat rodas) and the game displays only 30 kmh. I weight 71kgs and I am 1,72mts tall.
On a normal flat ride (in real life) this combination of watts and cadence would normally produce a speed of 42-45 kmh.
I read somewhere that if I lower my weight and my height this may be corrected, but it feels like cheating.
Could you please help me with this issue?

Do you have a power meter on your bike for outdoor rides?

I have a feeling that the issue might be the trainer. I’m not familiar with it, but a quick google search indicates it is a fluid trainer and maybe it just isnt very accurate.

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this trainer is not interactive with Zwift and that may be a problem. If you go to Zwiftinsider there is a whole article/video on setting up and using this trainer (from a few years ago) and it might be worth checking out.

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Hey Mike, thanks for your reply. I have a power meter on my bike. According to Elite it has -+1% Accuracy.


Hi Chris! thanks for your reply. I know ERG mode is not possible with Kura but it does slow my speed while going uphill and increases it on descents. Would you be so kind to send me the link to that article? I have been searching for it on Zwiftinsider but can´t seem to find it :frowning: .
Thanks for your time!

I’m 100% sure you are not doing 240W and going 45km/h IRL…only if you have 25km/h tailwind helping you. The cadence is not a factor in this calculation.

Example with 240W and Hands in Drops

On a TT Bike you would be around 2km/h faster


Check you have entered your correct weight into Zwift.

Screenshots aren’t always accurate but it is possible you have initially set your weight too high. When you are cycling in game at around 200w you should be seeing your w/kg (middle right edge on screen) at around 2.8 w/kg.

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You can use the power meter with Zwift too, that is probably more accurate than the trainer.

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they don’t allow me to post links so go to the Zwiftinsider start page and put Elite Kura Smart Trainer into the search engine at the top of the page and this article will turn up

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here is an old review from GP Lama, sounds like the calibration is a bit tricky with this trainer but once you get it right it is pretty accurate. Maybe your calibration is just off?

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Thanks Ian, that is a great parameter to adjust my configuration! I’ll check that for sure

Hey Mike, I already tried that, but for some reason Zwift goes crazy when I try it. Maybe there is a conflict between the power meter, the integrated power meter from the trainer and Zwift. I even had to disconnect the Garmin ANT+ dongle from computer as I was getting absurd numbers (80km/h and a watts close to 1000 or so)

Oh I think that review is the same one that Mike posted up there :point_up:t4: .
Thanks everyone for your time!

Hi Dejan! Thanks for your feedback. Could yo give me the name of that app? It looks quite interesting and I could use it to calibrate my trainer. Thanks!

There are many speed calculators online…this is just one of them.

But if you have Powermeter on your bike that is your comparison.